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Custom Drapes

At Sewing Seeds you can get custom drapes with a quality you won't find anywhere else. Take a look at the options below, but if you've got something else in mind, we can make it happen. Book a consultation to get started.

Perfectly Timeless and Perfect For You

We work with you to craft the perfect custom drapes or custom curtains for your room. They could be layered and luxurious, light and elegant, or anywhere in between. Your home is a representation of you, and so we work hard to make it just right. We want the final product to match exactly the feel and design of your home.

Our Process

Choose Your Style

First, we get together and talk about what you're looking for and the style you want. We work with you to choose the design and the fabrics while making sure it's in your budget. We want to get everything right, from the colors, to the style, to the layering.


Then we come professionally measure your windows to get the perfect fit. If you don't live locally (Dallas, TX), we will discuss how to measure your windows when we chat. 


We have the fabric, the design, and the measurements, so we can get to work. You sit back and relax as we work on crafting your perfect drapes or curtains. 


Once we're done with the sewing, we'll come and professionally install your drapes. 


Enjoy your newly installed beautiful drapes. We hope that they complement your home for years to come. Come and see us again for any of your sewing needs!

If you're convinced and ready to begin the process of creating your perfect drapes, click the button to sign up for a consultation. 

  • How does the pricing work?
    The price of custom drapes depends on a variety of things, but mostly the cost depends on the fabric and the size of the drapes. The range can be anywhere from $200 to $9000. Request a consultation to get a more accurate estimate for your drapes.
  • Are custom drapes worth it?
    It depends on what you are looking for. If you are content with something to just cover your windows, then probably not. But if you are looking for just the right thing that is high quality, and exactly matches the feel of your home, then yes. Factory-made, while cheaper, is never going to be exactly perfect. If custom drapes or curtains are a little out of your price range, let us know. There are ways to cut costs. We will do all we can to work with you and your budget.
  • What's the difference between drapes and curtains?
    Great question! Drapes are much thicker, often lined, and more formal. They are used to add privacy and block light. Curtains are much thinner, often not lined, and are used to filter light.

Check It Out

Here are some drapes we've made in the past for satisfied customers. 


Don't be Overwhelmed. 

There are many types of drapes, including tailored pleat, balloon curtains, inverted pleat, grommet, rod pocket, and so many more. Not to mention the types of fabrics, the heaviness, the texture and the color. All the choices can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. Our experts can help you to narrow your choices and choose the one that's right for you.

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