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I'm Jodilma. Welcome to my online store!

I am originally from Brazil but have lived in the US for almost 26 years. Today I live in Dallas, Texas. I have 3 amazing kids 38, 36, and 30 years old, and 1 grandson, a year old. My priorities are God first, my family second, and 

my passion for sewing third. In Brazil, I was a teacher and loved those kids like my own. Also, like any good professional in this area, I always liked crafts.


My mother was a seamstress and I grew up learning about fabrics. When I got to the US, I discovered beautiful houses, with beautiful curtains, pillows, and all sorts of things to decorate. It was just wonderful. Since then I have been enchanted with this world. But finally, just last year, I was able to open my own business creating draperies, embroidery, and leather accessories. I love to give people that personal touch that comes with handmade projects. 

If you want to chat or have any questions, I'd love to speak with you!

Portrait of Jodilma
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